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Sirius GT R Arrival

Sirius Automotive has achieved another milestone as a UK manufacturer of mid engined 2 seater performance sports cars.

Our track car arrived at the weekend. This is the first generation of the Sirius GT R - a car that can be driven on the road, and raced on the track. The GT R weighs a mere 880Kg achieved by using light weight composite fibre materials, built on a tubular steel chassis.

The car is powered by Subaru's Flat Four Boxer 2.5l engine. The engine is rear mounted to provide extra performance. Speaking of performance, this car achieves 300Bhp, 0-60 within 3 seconds, and has a top speed in excess of 170mph.

The car's design is unique both from a mechanical and styling viewpoint. This car is unique. The engineering design, and interior design is different from any car that is either a track or road car.

Contact Sirius Automotive to learn more about our cars, production capabilities and to find out how to purchase our limited edition Sirius GT R.

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