Sirius Automotive, a UK company, specialises in the production of electric and Subaru powered high performance sports cars.  Our cars  are hand-built and are finished according to customer requirements and unique styling specifications to meet individual tastes.  All of our cars are produced to customer order, and the customer can choose their preferred options with respect to power, performance styling and paint finish according to their preferred choices.

We also offer electric vehicle conversions, where our customers convert their vehicle to electric.  We advise all customers to help them determine the design to achieve the required power performance and range that is suitable for their vehicle and needs.

Sirius Automotive works with a range of partners who are experts in their field, from design, styling and engine tuning.

Sirius Automotive is committed to the development of electric vehicles and we are continually involved in research and development to offer practical solutions to support the electric automotive industry.  We use our development to enhance the capability of our pure high performance sports cars and offer solutions to the industry.

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