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Sirius Automotive Car Specification 



The Sirius range of sports cars are hand crafted purpose built production cars. These are supplied with the latest generation 2.5 or 2.0 Subaru Boxer Flat Four Engine or a all electric using a range of motors that drive the rear wheels.


All our cars are either mid engined petrol or pure electric  with the electric motor mounted in the middle in place of the engine. These are all two - seater cars that are available in either a Track car, or Hard Top, Open top and convertible (soft top or hard top) body styles.  


The Sirius bodywork is hand crafted and made from a combination of aluminium, Carbon Fibre and GRP.  Various options are available on request.


Interior: Custom made  to a very high  standard

Standard Specification for both Subaru Flat Four Boxer engine and Pure Electric

The body styles  of the cars are all built to a common standard are standardised body  


Chassis & Speed

Engine / power:  2.5, 2.0  and  electric

Steering: Rack and Pinion

Suspension (Front):  Upper and lower A-arms

Suspension (Rear):  Multilink

Brakes (Front): Brembo performance brake system, 4 piston calipers ventilated disc brakes

Brakes (Rear):  Brembo performance brake system, dual piston calipers ventilated disc brakes

Acceleration (0-62 mph): 3.5 s

Acceleration (0-100 mph): 9.0 s

1/4  mile: 12.53 s at 112 mph

Top Speed:  170 Mph


Layout:  Mid, longitudinal

Frame: Twin tube  space frame  with integral back bone

Roll Cage: 3 point, structurally  mounted 2 inch DOM Tubing

Sub Structure: Aluminium panelling riveted and bonded to frame

Climate Control (optional)


Dual-zone automatic air-conditioning system with anti-dust filter


Heater ducts for rear passengers


Windshield wiper de-icer


Heated door mirrors


Front and side defrosters


Electric rear window defogger with timer


CO2 Emissions


Urban g/km: 326

Extra Urban g/km: 194

Combined g/km: 242


Fuel Consumption (estimated)

Urban mpg (lit./100 km) 20.2 (14.0)

Extra Urban mpg (lit./100 km) 3.6 (8.4)

Combined mpg (lit./100 km)


Gear Ratios (sequential available)


1 st:    3.636

2 2nd: 2.235

3 3rd: 1.59

4 th:    137

5 th:    0.891

6 th:    0.707

Reverse: 3.545

Final Drive


Electric specifications: AC35X2 Example

Also available using Siemens, Netgain and the Tesla motor for higher performance and range.


Missing is the usual Subaru Boxer engine, replaced by a AC35x2 motor fed by a 16-kWh lithium iron phosphate battery constructed of two 8-kWh sub-packs. The motor and battery unit is still connected to a WRX Six-speed manual transmission that allows for reduced energy consumption and management of the motor’s output.


Speaking of output, the motor zaps out 165 horsepower and 189 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. It might not seem like much, but the entire car will weigh just under 2,000 pounds. The top speed is easily 150 mph. This is estimated.


The 0 -60mph are looking around 4seconds, other motors can easily provide sub 3 seconds.


The car will take you 100 miles from a full charge and take 4 hours to fully charge the batteries.


Using the Tesla motor with the Chevy Volt battery pack supports a higher discharge than Tesla’s battery, but Tesla’s drive unit is more powerful than the Volt’s, which makes combining the two an interesting idea for an all-electric drag racing car.

Using the Tesla RWD drive unit and Volt packs in the car. The result is an all-electric sports car with over 400 hp and weighing 2500 lbs. The vehicle completed the 1/4 mile in 11.5 seconds at a speed of 115 mph, which is fairly impressive for a new powertrain and it can only get better..

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