The Sirius GT incorporates a removable hard top with interior bulk head, power side windows, rear glass hatch, and rear glass quarter windows. The key to the Sirius  GT is its rigid but lightweight tubular steel chassis, completely designed and tested using the latest software and countless hours on the track. The suspension delivers exceptional handling yet still maintains a steerable ride quality.


The Sirius GT comes with an integral and functional roof scoop with integral inner liner, providing cool air to the engine bay, together with functional side intake vents provide ample cooling for the mid engined placement.


The Sirius GT is wind tested composite body shape aids in cooling, and the sheet aluminium under carriage with rear diffuser provides low lift.

The Sirius car range is all about choices. With the same base chassis, making a perfectly balanced sports car, available in petrol or electric power plants with power options ranging from 400BHP to 1000 BHP! The range is further enhanced by the choice of body styles available to you be it for the track or road.

Our production cars are all hand made to a very high standard and built to each specific customer specification. We  use the latest generation flat four boxer engines:  Subaru WRX STi in both 2.0 and 2.5 litre engines new from the Subaru factory.


The Sirius range of sports cars are also available in all electric, powered by a range of motor and battery configurations.  The Sirius car weighs as little as 818 kg. The performance figures for our model of cars are like no other. Benefiting from the latest technology in flow analysis, chassis and suspension tuning, and an optimised mid-engined/ motor and battery design. with the proven Subaru boxer engine architecture, or the electric motor, the Sirius range redefines fun driving.

​The Sirius car is designed for a global marketplace. It comes in right- or left-hand drive configurations, and uses components that are readily available around the world, ideal for servicing and maintenance.

We are using the very latest technology to engineer new levels of performance and bring this experience to an entirely new generation of car buyers and enthusiasts here and all around the world.

​Based on the tough Subaru Impreza/WRX STI and our variety of all electric running gear, the Sirius car is an ultra-light, ultra-modern, computer-designed, two-seater, mid-engine sports cars with prices starting at £65,000 for our hand built production sports cars.

Sirius GT

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