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About our suppliers

ISirius Automotive works with a range of specialist partners and suppliers to help us with the design and build of cars.

                                                                          Supplier Notice

Sirius Automotive is seeking assistance to help us build and create a very special electric high performance sports car.

We request contact from interested parties to provide us with the components and services required to help us achieve this.

The specification for the electric performance sports car is as follows:

  • Range 300 miles under normal driving conditions on a single charge

  • Top speed in excess of 160 mph

  • Average speed of 55mph for 3 hours continuous driving

  • Idling time in traffic: 1 hour per every 300 miles

  • Torque for motor: minimum 300Nms

Please contact us to find out more, and to provide a quote for:

  • Electric motor, where a manual gearbox is uded by the driver

  • Battery pack, software wiring

  • VCU,ICU and wiring

The solution must conform with current EU and UK electrical and mechanical safety standards.

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