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Welcome to Sirius Automotive

The amazing Subaru Powered Coupé

818 Subaru Powered Coupe

Sirius Automotive are proud to launch our range of cars, the Sirius Coupé, Sports and the Racer, which are available either powered by the Subaru Flat Four Boxer (WRX STi) or an all electric version using either the Siemens, Netgain or the Tesla motor.

These cars are not for the faint hearted, with a total body weight of 818KG and with a standard

400 BHP with either option it gives the mainstream super cars a good run for their money! The thing is we are able to take these power plants up to 1000 BHP. With the 400 BHP this provides more BHP per ton than Ascari A10, Lamborghini Aventador SV, Pagani Zonda F to mention just a few.

All our cars are hand built to a very high quality and tailored to our clients specific needs, requirements and taste. We pride ourselves on achieving and exceeding our customers expectations with the style, design and of course exhilarating performance of our range of vehicles.

Our core value is to manufacture high quality, high performance sports cars that until now you could have dreamt of.

Don't just dream it, Drive it! ... Make your dreams a reality.


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