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Why convert your car to 100% pure electric?

Imagine that you own “your” perfect car. A car that you cherish, have had for many years and would want to keep for many more years to come. But you still have to make sure that the car passes the annual MOT inspection. The costs of running the car increase dramatically so that your perfect car becomes uneconomical to run.

Then what do you do? Sell it, and buy a newer car? Scrap it? Or just try and keep the car on the road? None of us want to sell a car that we have become attached to, so we need to find alternatives.

One such alternative is to convert the car to electric. You could convert your car to 100% pure electric. The only dependency being that the car is still in good condition, and the chassis is still strong.

By converting to electric, you are ensuring that the life of your perfect car is extended for at least another ten years, if not more. There are next to no moving parts in an electric car. The motors and batteries, so long as they are maintained, and the car is not thrashed, will ensure that car keeps running. The electric conversion ensure you can keep on driving your cherished car for many, many more years.

Yes, you still need to put the car through the annual MOT. So, it is important to ensure that the lights, indicators, brakes and tyres are roadworthy. But the cost of mechanical repair to the car vanishes overnight. The best thing though is that your perfect car will run and run and run.

Other costs of running the electric car are reduced as well. There is £0.00 tax at present on electric car conversions. There is no fuel cost, only the cost of electricity to recharge the batteries when the car has reached 20% of the available charge in the batteries. Parking permits cost less as well. And you won’t have to pay additional charges as a result of Local Authority clean air policies, where many councils will begin charge £10 per day for driving into a city or town centre.

At Sirius Automotive, we convert all types of vehicles to 100% pure electric. We convert commercial vehicles, classic cars, high performance sports cars and prestige cars such as Mercedes E class, BMW’s to pure electric. And if you want, we can make your vehicle as good as new by refurbishing the interior, and tidying up the exterior.

Your vehicle conversion to 100% pure electric gives your car a new lease of life for you to enjoy forever.

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